the bessborough centre: expertise in family development

The Bessborough Centre is a registered charity working with families and in particular vulnerable women and children. We provide a range of supports, assessments, therapeutic care and educational opportunities to parents and families from communities all over Ireland.

Our work is focused on keeping children safe and empowering parents, children & families to improve the quality of their lives.

The Centre offers:

  • A residential parent & baby unit for families in crisis who have young children or who are pregnant
  • A supervised child contact/access service
  • A family support service to assist families-at-risk in keeping their children safe and to remain together.
  • A community crèche & pre-school.
  • A secondary school & training centre for second-chance education.

The Bessborough Centre has extensive experience in working with the most vulnerable and complex cases. Uniquely, we have created a multi-disciplinary team to assist our clients. The centre’s teams include psychologists, social workers, social carers, childcare practitioners, nurses and therapists. Together they respond to a wide range of needs providing a tailored package of support to meet the particular requirements of each case.

Our extensive grounds and gardens within the city of Cork also provide a peaceful and positive setting for our on-site facilities and is a defining aspect of the Bessborough Centre.

Supporting social servcies across Ireland

The Centre is an unique one-stop shop for families in crisis and is a  reliable resource of best practice approaches to working with vulnerable families that brings together multi-disciplinary experience & expertise.

The Centre offers specialist assessment and support services including:-