About Us

Safe children. Strong families.

The Bessborough Centre Limited Annual report 2015


We are at the heart of family development and at the heart of support and care for vulnerable families working to create sustainable positive change in the lives of families. We believe that every child should have his/her needs met for nurture, protection, security, structure, attention and understanding and we work with parents to help them to create positive change to meet these needs.

Our Values

Everything we do comes from the heart:


We treat others the way we wish to be treated ourselves. We understand that our colleagues and clients are individuals and we respect their views and opinions. We understand our clients’ issues and we act to restore order to people’s lives with humility and without judgment.


Healthy relationships rely on honesty and trust. We conduct our business openly and conform to ethical and legal standards. We endeavour to overcome challenges with integrity; we learn from both our successes and our failures.


We believe in fair and equal treatment and opportunity for our clients, our staff and our partners. We enable and expect staff to operate in a fair, open and inclusive way. Our services reflect the communities we serve and we welcome the strength that comes from diversity.


We are proud of our reputation as a caring and trustworthy organisation that puts service and excellence at the heart of its business. Continuous improvement is part of everyone’s job; client satisfaction is everyone’s responsibility. We support staff development and recognise their achievements.


We work as a team to do the right thing; our success is based on working together with our clients. Our most valuable asset is our staff – what they do and how they behave makes a big difference to lives of the people in our care and their families. Each member of staff is valued for his or her unique contribution.

The Bessborough Centre, a registered non-profit charity was originally established by the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary in 1922 caring for the needs of vulnerable women and their babies.

The campus has developed its services to reflect the developing needs of families in Irish society.

Each service is supported by the Chief Executive and the management team who have the appropriate knowledge and skills to guide and direct the centre. The centre is committed to staff development to ensure that employees are equipped with the right knowledge and skills to care for our families and children.

We enable and expect staff to operate in a fair, open and inclusive way. Each member of staff is valued for his or her unique contribution. They are motivated by their relationships with families and children and job satisfaction is enhanced by working within a well equipped environment.