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Parental Partnership and Communication

Bessborough  Crèche operate within the Childcare Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016 (Registration of School Age Services) Regulations 2018 and The National Standards for Preschools.

Crèche policies that are in operation are available for parents to view at any time in crèche lobby area.

The Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) (Registration of School Aged Services) Regulations 2018 require that there are child friendly versions of the policies to use with children.

We endeavour to provide good communication with parents, as we consider and believe that parents are also partners in their child’s education and development.  We endeavour to ensure good communication with parents by the following measures;

  • We believe in a strong working partnership with our parents to ensure each individual child and parent is happy with the care we provide.
  • Each child is assigned a key worker, who works with the child to ensure they are meeting their needs and developmental miles stones.
  • Children Files – Observation records the children’s on-going progress, monitoring their miles stones is available to parents at any time.
  • We encourage parent and child’s key worker meetings.
  • All parents are provided with live updates in respect to their child’s day through communication tool that we operate in our service – childcare software called Child Paths. Through Child Paths, we can communicate quicker and smarter to parents giving you a greater insight into your child’s learning and development. Having an insight be it through photographs or communication on the app helps in conversations with your child by discussing their day or showing them the photos you received. Uploading photos to your child’s profile allows staff to interact and communicate more efficient with the children as they can create conversations, which are child lead from the photos parents upload over the weekend etc.
  • Parents are provided with daily reports which record your child’s day: Food, nappy/toilet, sleep and any other relevant information through the Child Paths App.
  • Notice Boards: In the entrance hall, relevant information is displayed: e.g. monthly menus, photographs of the children and general childcare information.
  • A parent / carer can request to meet with the Crèche Practice Manager or Crèche Administration Manager.

We are committed to creating a strong partnership with you and your child to ensure the best start in Crèche life!