When parents separate or when children are in-care, access visits with children may be a problem or there may be concerns about access visits. The supervised access programme offers separated families a way to deal with some of these problems. Contact needs to be supervised particularly when there is a perceived or potential risk to the child.

The supervised access service at bessborough is an internationally accredited service having gained NACCC accreditation in 2014. It is a highly utilised service providing a state-of-the-art child contact centre supporting children to have contact with their parents, siblings & other family members. Visits are very discreet and private while professionally directed supervision and observations are conducted and confidential reports provided.


This programme facilitates private access arrangements organised by solicitors/family members as well as referrals from the Child Protection Services.

Referrals are based on different needs & circumstances, including children who are:

  • Residing with one family member but require access supervision with the non-resident parent or another relative.
  • Placed in statutory care for a limited time or until they reach 18 years.
  • Placed in voluntary care within the Child and Family Services.
  • Require assessment of access with one or both parents as part of an overall social work assessment or under the direction of the court where a Section 20 report has been requested under the Child Care Act 1991.
  • Introduced to a biological parent previously unknown to them.
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