Family Respite

From time to time family situations can become difficult and stressful for both parents and children. Respite for families or individuals provides relief from chaotic situations or trauma they may be experiencing as a result of difficulties in their lives.

The Bessborough Centre has dedicated family respite services which provide a safe environment to allow individuals time away from their regular, often chaotic, situations. This enables the individual to reflect on issues in their lives and to experience an alternative and positive living experience. Intensive therapeutic work can be undertaken with clients during their stay.

A large self-catering apartment is available for one family or any of its members to live in for a short defined period of time.

Who can use the Family Respite Service?

Families or individuals are referred to the service by social workers, child protection teams or Guardian Ad Litem.


Referrals to Family Respite are accepted from social services or other agencies. The service can involve day referral for up to a number of days or residential referral for weekends or longer.

Are there Costs Involved?

The Family Respite Service is provided by the Bessborough Centre which is a not-for-profit organisation. Fees are charged at a standard fee. All fees can be reviewed with the Centre.

Other Services

Services such as Parenting Capacity Assessments, Psychometric Assessments and Risk Assessments may be availed of while attending Family Respite at the Bessborough Centre.

Staff Team

The staff team is led by our Community Services Manager, Jonathan Horgan. Jonathan can be contacted at

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us or download our Family Respite PDF