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At Bessborough Crèche we are committed to providing excellent standards of care for the holistic development of your child. Our goal is to prepare and provide the most natural and life enhancing environment for the child, observing the children and continually adapting the environment to support the fulfilment of the child’s greatest potential – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We strive to provide a happy, secure and caring environment, for the purpose of inner development and learning.


The ethos of our service is very apparent to all who visit. Children, parents and staff will regard this service as an extension of the home. Creating a “home from home” environment. We believe in ensuring that children who attend this service have the opportunity to experience:

  • Spontaneous expression
  • Esteem as an individual
  • Dignity and autonomy
  • Self confidence and zest in learning
  • A stable learning and caring environment
  • Sociability, friendship and co operation of others
  • Equal opportunities irrespective of gender, race and disability
  • Culture diversity
  • Respect as a unique individual with rights


Here at the Bessborough Centre Crèche we implement the Aistear Curriculum and are mindful of the fact that children are active agents in their learning. This ethos helps us plan the equipment we purchase and source.

Our goal through our dynamic and exploratory curriculum is to assist children to develop in a holistic way with our end goal being that the children will become confident and able learners. The children are actively involved in their play and learning and we feel that this helps to promote independence, self-confidence and esteem. In offering each child the chance to be active learners and to develop on their personal experiences and interests the daily activities have more meaning.

We also feel that there is a great importance in allowing the children the time, space and support to develop at their own pace, appreciating each child’s individual uniqueness.

“Let me explore, try out, make mistakes, discover, and create my own theories about how things work and why, so that I can be independent and self-reliant and can learn about the world I live in.”
(Aistear: The Early Childhood Curriculum Framework, p.10)

Outdoors Curriculum

Outdoor play is an integral part of the curriculum here in the Bessborough centre crèche and we believe it enhances the child’s learning. Play in the outdoors helps to develop strong spatial awareness, co-ordination, balance and movement and develops strong muscles, with opportunities to run, push, pull climb and jump.

At Bessborough we believe that all children should have access to the outside as much as possible and we plan this into our daily routine. Children explore our extensive outdoor environment twice daily minimum. We have a wonderful outdoor space that is broken into different areas which incorporates all aspects of Aistear in its design. Our space allows the child to explore and play within a safe environment and challenge a child’s curiosity around our natural environment. We believe in the development of the whole child through and exploration and play.

Outdoor play allows for both free play and structured outdoor activities and benefits the child in a holistic sense in relation to their development. We strive to go outdoors all year round and ask all parents to bring appropriate footwear for the children, outdoor rain gear is supplied by the service. A simple walk in the park has a good influence on the child’s health and well being, the children also learn about the natural environment and it helps to develop communication and listening skills as we talk to the children about what we see and experience. Walks allow children to communicate in their own language.


We endeavour to create an atmosphere where children can learn to take risks in a controlled environment. Outdoor space provides children with so much of what they need to stimulate their minds and bodies. Natural spaces can stimulate children’s imaginations and engage their sense of curiosity as they explore their physical surroundings and learn in ways beyond what they can experience indoors.

Benefits of exploring in nature:

  • Helps in the development of creativity and problem solving.
  • Improves self discipline and reduces stress.
  • Increases physical activity
“set up and arrange the place where I play and learn so that it allows me to express myself, to interact with others, to make choices, to test ideas and materials, to create, to develop and practice skills, to stimulate curiosity, to foster empathy and independence, to explore and make discoveries, to solve problems, and to persevere in the face of difficulties and uncertainties.”
(Aistear: The Early Childhood Curriculum Framework, p.10)