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Sep 2017

Upcoming Training Events

Life Story Workshop One Day Workshop, Thursday 21st September 2017 Everyone has a life story. Most of us will have a good grasp of own life story. We might know parts about the life stories of our friends and people in our family. How we understand and come to know about the story of our life is important in shaping our understanding of how the world within which we are living works. Life Story Workshop – September 2017 (002)

Engaging Hard to Reach Families using a Strengths Based Approach One Day Workshop, Friday 22nd September 2017 This interactive workshop will be of interest to practitioners at all levels of experience working with families who present as challenging and hard to engage.   Participants will be facilitated to share experiences, reflect on their practice and develop strategies to overcome resistance, and develop collaborative relationships. Engaging hard to reach families – September 2017 (002)

Psychology Seminar Series 2017, Monday, September 18th, 2017 – 9.30-12.30, Monday 3rd October, 9.30-12.30am, Monday 16th October, 9.30-11.30am: Due to the positive success of the Psychology Seminar series in 2016, the Bessborough Centre is pleased to announce that a second seminar series will run in late 2017.  This series aims to bring psychological theory, research and practice closer together, using clinical material and reflective discussion. The series will offer participants the opportunity to attend four seminars over a four month period, in the autumn of 2017. The seminars will be delivered by a team of very experienced practitioners and psychology researchers and academics who are applying current psychological research and theory to the clinical practice setting. The three seminars will each be two hours in length and will offer participants the opportunity to hear key ideas pertaining to children and families while offering a space to reflect about these issues within composite case examples. Please see flyer for details: psychology-seminar-series-autumn-2017-updated-002

 Dr Patricia Crittenden – Dynamic Maturational Model (DMM) Attachment & Psychopathology 2018, April 6th, 7th and 8th, All Hallows College, Dublin **Registration Open**: This course examines development from infancy to adulthood and the process of adaptation and developmental pathways that carry risk for psychopathology. It focuses on development, prevention and treatment of psychological disorder. The evidence-based approach uses the Dynamic-Maturational Model of attachment and adaptation which is highly relevant to individuals  who are at-risk, have been exposed to danger, display disturbed or maladaptive behaviour, or are diagnosed as having a psychiatric disorder. Please click here for further details: Dr Pat Crittenden DMM April 2018 Registration OPEN (002)